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WWI Resources

Edinburgh Libraries' Special Collections hold many items relating to World War One. Many of these items are accessible online through Capital Collections, our online image library and Our Town Stories which lets you explore Edinburgh's past through images and maps. 

Our Town Stories

● Edinburgh in World War One 1914-1918 - find out about the impact of World War One on the people of Edinburgh - the zeppelin raid, the Gretna Rail Disaster, the city’s football heroes, recuperating war poets and pioneering female doctor, Elsie Inglis

Capital Collections exhibitions
● Armed Forces Day - including personal mementoes from Sergeant Walker who died in action in 1917 (from Edinburgh Museums and Galleries Collections)

● Brave New World - Edinburgh in the years preceding the outbreak of WWI

● Field Marshal Earl Douglas Haig: Before the Warunseen photographs that document the rise of a British Army Officer

● German Raid on Scarborough - pictures documenting the first attack on British soil of WWI

● Five Illustrated London News exhibitions examine the war through different themesWomen and Children during the WarAnimals and WarModernising WarfareSacrifice and Support for World War One, and Maintaining Morale

● Louis Raemaekers and World War One  - political propaganda cartoons by Dutch war artist

 Muirhead Bone and World War One - sketches from the Western Front by Britain's first official war artist

● Private Colin Rice (1880-1918) -  a collection of letters tell a story of love and loss repeated in thousands of households across the country

● Scars on the City: Edinburgh during WW1 - Explore how Edinburgh was affected by WW1 through Museums’ collection objects

● Souvenir du Wagon du Marechal Foch - commemorative postcard album of the Armistice signing and the location where it happened

● Thomson Family WW1 scrapbooks,  volume 1 and volume 2 give a unique insight into Edinburgh’s home front

● There's a Long Long Trail A-Winding - the Diaries of Ethel Moir, a nurse who served in Elsie Inglis Unit in Serbia. Volume 1, volume 2 and volume 3 and the Moir Family photographs

● Whose Town? Bessie Watson - the youngest suffragette

eBooks & Audiobooks
● First World War Remembered - a collection of downloadable ebooks and audiobooks from OverDrive

Why not also check out our WWI Homework Help page with links to lots of brilliant WWI related websites and resources