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There are countless numbers of apps out there and more and more new ones coming along all the time. There are however some basic, very popular apps which most people will have on their tablets and phones. Have a look here through step-by-step guides to some of these.

   BBC Weather ►   

 Quick video: BBC/Met office weather apps ►

   BBC News ►

 Quick video: BBC News app ►

   Google Maps (1) ►

Find your way around - look for streets and get directions/plan your trip

   Google Maps (2) ►

Find what is around where you are - places of interest, places to eat and drink, cash machines and petrol stations!!

   Edinburgh Transport (Bus and tram app) ►

Follow live bus information for buses and trams around the city ; plan journeys

   Calendar (iOS) for iPhone/iPad ►

 Spotify ►

'Stream' music to your tablet or phone; find just about any piece of music you want at any time

   Flixster ►

All the cinema listings for the city - and trailers, reviews and more besides

WhatsApp ►

Great phone app for staying in touch with short messages and photos

   Facebook ►

A beginners' introduction to Facebook

 Stay Safe on Facebook ►

   Overdrive ►

A quick guide to borrowing an e-book through this app 

RB Digital ►

A quick guide to reading e-magazines through this app. IT'S FREE!

  Pressreader ►

A quick guide to reading e-newspapers and magazines through this FREE app 

  You Tube ► 

Videos, music, 'how to' guides; there's so much you can find on Youtube

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