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Libby by OverDrive provides access to hundreds of fiction and non-fiction ebooks for children and teens (adult content is available on the main Libby site). It is available 24/7 from school or home. It can be used on computers, tablets, smart phones and ereaders.

eBooks provide more choice for able pupils and are also a good way of engaging reticent readers. Changing the format of a book to an electronic one, will often engage children who would never pick up a physical book. Having the ability to change the font, font size and background colour makes it a useful resource for pupils with visual difficulties or dyslexia. 

eBooks can be read through the Libby app on tablets or phones or on computers through the Libby website.

• Access is via library membership – contact informationdigital@edinburgh.gov.uk to join the library. If you are a library member, but get an error message when you logon, you need to have your membership upgraded for ebook use. Fill out the eBook Upgrade form and we'll upgrade you within one working day.

• Contact informationdigital@edinburgh.gov.uk to ask how to get your class or year group registered for the library so your pupils can start using ebooks.

• Read the appropriate help pages to guide you through setting up Libby and using it in school or at home. 


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