Find my past

Find my past contains millions of records for uncovering your family history including UK parish records, census records, Irish records and British military records.

Find my past also gives unique access to the 1939 register, which recorded 41 million citizens across Great Britain and Northern Ireland at the outbreak of World War Two.

Access: temporary home access during Libraries’ closure.
Contact with your library card number for login instructions.
Due to demand, home access is restricted to EH postcode holders only. 

This home access gives you full access to alI the records available via the Library’s subscription but you will not be able to log into your personal Find my past account to see your saved indexed searches or family tree.

As this temporary home access uses a shared login account, the family tree functionality has been disabled to protect your privacy.


Go to Find my past ►


(Anyone signing up for an account to use Find my past should read their Terms and conditions and Privacy statement to ensure that they are satisfied with the security arrangements of the website.) 


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