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The 500 games and activities on GridClub are all linked to the curriculum and cover English and literacy;  maths and numeracy; science; design and technology; history; geography; art; health and PE; ICT and computer education; cross curricular topics and research. Most of the activities are suitable for children aged 7-11 years (with some being marked as suitable from age 5 upwards). Many children of 12 or 13 however may still find the top levels of the games and creative activities challenging.

Pupils and teachers will get straight in to Gridclub from our website at home or school (no passwords required).

Teachers' login: you can also login as a teacher to access Lesson Plans and Worksheets based on the Scottish curriculum covering all the curriculum areas named above. To do this go to (don’t use the link to GridClub on our website as this logs you straight in as a user!) and login using:

    Username: eclis4284
    Password:  gridclub

Click on the Teacher Zone near the top of the page, select Scotland as your country and click on Continue to Teacher Resources. Go in to a curriculmn area to see resources. If lesson plans and worksheets are available (indicated by a tick) click on the Further Info button to access them. 

Pupils can use a fun visual logbook to record their progress with GridClub – access this through the Assessment section in the Teacher Zone. Many activities also have completion certificates that can be printed.

Think about using GridClub TV – a series of 10 minute long programmes asking “What if” questions such as “What if we only ate chips?” or “What if we lived under water?” Subjects cover English, maths, science, history and geography.  These take curriculum subjects beyond the classroom for engaging exploration which supports Thinking Skills, Speaking and Listening and Cross Curricular Stimulus. To find these click on “Search-by-Subject” and then on "GridClub TV".

There’s also a fantastic range of short Scottish Videos covering history topics like WW2, the Industrial Revolution, Scara Brae and geography such as Glasgow, Fife, Orkney and the Cairngorms. To find these click on “Search-by-Activity” - the videos all appear at the top with pink tabs.


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