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There is a remarkable amount of help out there on the internet - don't be afraid to go  online to get answers to your questions and find out how to do something. The starting point for most people is Google and/or YoutubeSimply type your question into the searchbar and hit Go! Just be careful to be as specific as you can with your question - mention the device you are using and maybe the operating system (eg: "How do I send an email on iPad").

There are several other very good websites available which are aimed at helping new digital users and provide a wealth of guides which can be read 'on-screen' or, in many cases, printed out. Why not have a look at the sites below - just click/tap on the images below to go to these sites. . . . 

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Digital Unite

GCF LearnFree

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Learn My Way

SQA Academy

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wiki How


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How to. . .

In this section you will find a range of step-by-step guides to help you do particular things

  Basics of internet searching ►

Understand what browsers and search engines are; begin finding things online

Security and passwords ►

Information on being secure online and how to create and use a password system

     Shopping online

Information from the Money Advice Service and lots of links to further guidance and sites

The Consumer Council ►

 Top tips for safe online shopping 


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