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Use the Libby app for downloading OverDrive ebooks, audiobooks and magazines. The Kindle Fire app is not available in the Amazon Appstore, but it can be “sideloaded” onto your device with the Libby APK (Android Package file). Once the APK is installed, the Libby app will appear and function like any other app on your Fire tablet.


1. On your Fire tablet, open the Silk Browser and visit the Libby for Kindle Fire page and click on the download link for the Libby APK in Step 1.
2. You may get warnings saying that the Silk browser needs more access on your device or that this kind of file should be avoided. It is safe, so you can dismiss these messages
3. Tap OK, Allow, or Continue to proceed (the wording of the warnings may vary)
4. Once the file downloads, tap Open (If you’re unable to open the file from this prompt, locate the file in your downloads folder and tap to open)
5. If you get a message saying your device is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source, tap Settings and toggle Allow from this source on
6. Tap the back button in the top-left corner, then tap Install
7. Once the app is finished installing, tap Open to start using Libby


• Look at the collections on the home page – click on the section titles or descriptions to see all titles in each section
• Use Search...(bottom bar - magnifying glass) to search for specific authors or titles

• Explore the Reading Rooms at the top of the homepage (Kids, Teens, Magazines, No Wait Titles, Polish) to explore all the titles we have in these areas
• Click on Subjects; Available; New at the top of the homepage to see titles in these areas


1. Click on a book cover and then on Borrow and Borrow again
2. Click on Open Book or Open Audiobook
3. The cover will appear. Pull across the screen from right to left to move through the ebook or press the play button
4. To come out of the ebook, tap on the screen and a Back button will appear
5. To access your checked-out books at any point click on the Shelf button (books) at the bottom or the screen. Clicking on the Library button (library card) takes you back to the catalogue side of the app


1. Look for titles in the collections on the homepage or in the Magazine Reading Room (Click on Magazines near the top of the screen)
2. Click on the magazine cover
3. Click on Borrow and Borrow! 
4. To be emailed when new issues are available follow on-screen instructions for adding a Notify Me tag or click Not Now
5. Click on Open Magazine
6. Swipe from right to left to go through the magazine, pinch and pull to zoom in or click Read the Article at the bottom of the screen to read in text format
7. Tap the screen to bring up taskbar and access the back button to get out of the magazine
8. To access the contents page and jump to articles - tap the screen to bring up the top and bottom task bars. At the bottom of the screen click on the middle black button called Chapters (if you have already moved forward in the magazine it will have the name of the article you are on though). The contents page will pop up, scroll up and down to see it fully and tap on article you want to read
9. Once you have checked out and downloaded magazines on Libby you will be able to read them offline too


Your checkouts will "sync" ebooks across devices (book will be at same page on multiple devices) as long as you are signed in using the same login details.

You may be asked for a Setup Code when using Libby on another device. To obtain this -
1. Go to your original device and open up the Libby app
2. Click on the account icon (head) at the bottom of the homepage
3. Select Get Some Help
4. Select How do I sync Libby? Copy To Another Device to retrieve the Setup code


You can set up to be notified on your device when a hold becomes available and when a loan is about to expire. This will appear on your screen in the same way that texts do. To do this -
1.  Open up the app and click on the Libby menu button (the head icon bottom of homepage)
2. Click on Manage Notifications
3. Click on the button at the far right of each of each function to select to receive a notification. This will turn into a green circle with a tick in it


You can reserve a book if it is on loan to another reader.
1. On the book information page click on Place Hold and then Place Hold!
3. If it is your first time placing a hold you may be asked for your email address so you can be informed when the book is available (this will not happen if you have set up Libby Push Notifications)


Users can renew a book if no other user has reserved it. The renew option appears beside the book in your Loans three days before the title is due to expire.
1. Click on the Shelf button at the bottom or the screen and then on Renew Loan


1. Click on the Shelf button at the bottom or the screen and then on Manage Loan beside the book you want to return
2. Click on Return Loan To Library and then Return


Libby help

Access from home. Login with your library card number and PIN. Not a member? Join online or visit your local libraryExisting members may need to upgrade their membership to use Libby by OverDrive.

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