Naxos Jazz on a computer

A. Logging in

Sign in to NML Jazz using your library barcode number. If using on library computers you will not be asked to sign in with your library barcode

B. Create a Naxos account
In order to create playlists and save your selections you need to create a user account:
1. Click on the Playlists option from the menu

2. Click Sign up the top right

3. Fill out the registration form. You'll get a validation email to confirm your account


1.  For quick searching use the Keyword Search box at the top of the screen to search by work title, composer or artist

2. There are also Composers, Artists, Genres and Labels lists available on the grey tool bar

3. The Advanced Search on the grey tool bar allows you to also search by instrument, performing group and date

Playing titles
1. When you have found a CD you’d like to play, click on the title. A list of tracks will open up

2. Either click on the Select All button on the left hand side (to play all tracks) or select individual titles by ticking the box at the beginning of each title

3. Click Play Selections

Create a playlist
If you wish to save selections of music to listen to again you can do this by creating a playlist:
1. Sign in to your account from the Playlists screen

2. Find a CD to add to a playlist

3. Select the tracks you want to add by clicking the box to the left of the track title or click Select All

4. Click Add to Playlist

5. To add tracks to an existing playlist: In the Select Location section, choose from Tab then from Folder and then select the Playlist. Click Add to Playlist to add tracks

6. To create a new playlist: click on the Save to Playlist section, type the playlist name in Playlist Name and also author and any remarks. Click Add to Playlist to create

7. Your playlists will also be listed when you login to the NML Jazz app 

To log off, click on the red Log Out button at the top of the screen.  If you don’t do this, you may lock up a user space. As we have limited user licenses please log out properly to make sure that other users are able to access Naxos Jazz. You will automatically be logged out after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Please note that when you log out from NML Jazz you get taken to a generic login page for subscribers. If you wish to sign back in you will have to close the page and go back to Edinburgh’s NML Jazz homepage.


Naxos Jazz help

Use your library card number to log on. If you don't have a library card you can join online or at your nearest library.


How to use:

Naxos Jazz app ►

Naxos further help  ►


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