Additional online resources

A list of some useful dyslexia-related online resources -

Dyslexia Scotland - lots of information and support for dyslexics and their families

Dyslexia Scotland Adult Network (Edinburgh) - information about a local adult dyslexia support group

Addressing Dyslexia - a toolkit for the identification and support of people with literacy difficulties. Produced by the University of Edinburgh and Dyslexia Scotland

Dysbooks - this website aims to help dyslexics connect with literacy. It is partly a book review and discussion website where people are not judged based on their spelling or grammar. It also produces information on writing and dyslexic authors to act as an inspiration to other dyslexics, and those supporting them 

Barrington Stoke - publishes a range of books for children, young adults and adults with dyslexia and other reading difficulties. They also have an online guide to choosing children's books for reluctant readers and readers with dyslexia

Dyslexie Font - download the Dyslexie font to make reading easier

RNIB Reading Services - anyone with a print disability e.g. dyslexia is eligible to use RNIB's free audiobook library with over 30,000 unabridged books in DAISY format.

Blog Posts

"Vista" - Scottish quick reads for adults - blog post about the Vista book series

How I engage with books - and how you could, too - how one library member overcomes their dyslexia to engage with books

Book spaces and group activities - how a dyslexic reader engages in reading activities

The A Life Less Ordinary Blog - a blog from Dyslexia Scotland


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