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OverDrive on Computer

OverDrive on computer OverDrive on computer

Install free software

To download ebooks - to read the ebook on your computer or to transfer to an ebook reader install Adobe Digital Editions. Authorize it when prompted by creating an Adobe ID account NB. You can also use OverDrive Read to read ebooks on your computer and not install Digital Editions. You must be constantly connected to the internet to use this facility.

To download audiobooks - to listen to the audiobook on your computer or to transfer to an MP3 player install the Windows Desktop app.  NB. You can also use OverDrive Listen and not install the app. You need to be connected to the internet to use this facility. Mac computer users - there is no longer a Mac Desktop app available - users can access audiobooks through OverDrive Listen.

How to borrow books and download
1. Go to the OverDrive site or the Kids & Teens OverDrive site
2. Click on Sign in and input your library card number (in uppercase) and PIN
3. Browse through the books by -
• Looking at the collections on the home page
• Click on the menu button and then on Collections 
• Use the Search box to search for titles and authors
Click on Borrow and then Download or Read/Listen now in browser (the browser option will not allow you to access your books unless you are connected to the internet) 

How to download ebooks and transfer to an ebook reader
1. After borrowing, click on the Download option. Your ebook will open in Adobe Digital Editions
2. Connect your ebook reader to your computer and select the Library view
3. Right-click on the cover of the ebook you want to transfer and choose Copy to Computer/Device
4. Choose the device you want to copy to and it will transfer immediately

How to download and transfer audiobooks to an iPod
1. After borrowing, click on the Download option and open the audiobook in the OverDrive for Windows app and also open the latest version of iTunes
2. Go to File > Add Folder to Library
3. Find the downloaded audiobook on your computer (by default, you'll find it at: C:\Users\[your username]\Documents\My Media\MP3 Audiobooks
4. Select the audiobook folder, then click Select Folder to import all of the audiobook's files
5. Now you can sync audiobooks to your iPod. The imported audiobooks can be found in iTunes under Music > Library

How to download and transfer audiobooks to an MP3 player (not Apple)
1. After borrowing, click on the Download option and your audiobook will open in OverDrive for Windows app
2. Click Transfer and the Transfer Wizard will open. Attach your portable device to your computer, click Next and follow the instructions

How to renew & reserve items

Users can renew a book if no other user has reserved it. The renew option appears beside the book in your Loans three days before the title is due to expire. Click on Renew and when your loan expires it will be reissued to you (you will need to download it again). If the book has been reserved by another reader there will be the option to Request Again which will place you on the holds list.

 How to return books early
1. If you have checked out a book, but not downloaded it, select Return from your Loans
2. If you have downloaded an ebook to Digital Editions, open Digital Editions and select Library view. Right click the book you want to return and select Return Borrowed Item
If you have downloaded an audiobook to OverDrive Media Console, click on Return within Media Console, then Return/Delete


OverDrive help OverDrive help

Access from home. Login with your library card number and PIN. Not a member? Join online or visit your local libraryExisting members may need to upgrade their membership to use OverDrive.

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