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Use the website to borrow ebooks, audiobooks and magazines on your computer or mobile device if you are unable to install the Libby app. The website can also be used to download ebooks and transfer to an ebook reader.

How to borrow & read online
1. Go to 
2. Click on Enter Library Account Details and input your library card number (in uppercase) and PIN. Click on Sign In
3. Browse through the books by -
• Clicking on the magnifying glass on the bottom tool bar to search for titles and authors
• Looking at the collections on the home page
• Clicking on the Subjects; Available Now; Popular buttons at the top of the screen

4. Click on Borrow and then Borrow again. Click on Open Book to immediately begin reading the book (to use this option you need to be connected to the internet when reading - the book is not downloaded to your device)

How to download ebooks & transfer to an ebook reader
To  transfer to an ebook reader install Adobe Digital Editions from Authorize it when prompted by creating an Adobe ID account. NB. Libby is compatible with all ebook readers except Kindles.
1. After borrowing, instead of clicking Open Book, click Go to Shelf. Click on Manage Loan and then Read With...

2. Click on the EPUB option. Your ebook will appear as a download at the top of your screen - click to Open File and it will open in Adobe Digital Editions (if it is the first time you've used ADE you will be asked to authorise it with an Adobe ID)
3. Connect your ebook reader to your computer and select the Library view
4. Right-click on the cover of the ebook you want to transfer and choose Copy to Computer/Device
5. Choose the device you want to copy to and it will transfer immediately

How to renew & reserve items
Users can renew a book if no other user has reserved it. The Renew Loan option appears in the Manage Loan section beside the book in your Loans section three days before the title is due to expire. Click on Renew Loan and then Renew again. If the book has been reserved by another reader there will be the option to Request Again which will place you on the Holds list.

How to checkout & read magazines
You can borrow unlimited magazines for three weeks at a time and can re-borrow them again. They will self-return after three weeks. Magazines are not downloaded, you read them over the Internet so need to be connected to the internet.

1. Click on the magazine cover
2. To borrow the current issue click Borrow and Borrow again
3. To borrow a previous issue, scroll down the page and you'll see earlier editions - click on the cover to select another one instead
4. Once borrowed you will be offered the option to add a Smart Tag to be informed of when new issues appear

5. Click Open Magazine to read immediately
6. To move through the magazine, click on the far right (and left to move back)
7. To zoom in, click on a magazine page. Click on the Zoom button of the top bar and then on the plus or minus button
8. To find a specific article, click on the page to bring up the bottom menu and select Chapters

How to return early
1. Go to your Loans section (the books icon on the bottom bar)

2. Click on Manage Loan and on Return Early and Return


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