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Getting started

1. Go to, click on Sign In and then on Library and Group option (gold card)

2. Click in the Search Libraries and Groups field and start to type Edinburgh, then choose Edinburgh Libraries. Enter your library card number (in uppercase letters) and your PIN then click Sign In

3. A New User box will open - to create an account that allows you to save articles and share stories, input your details and click Agree. By setting up an account you are agreeing to PressReader Terms of Use and to accept Privacy Policy. If you do not wish to create an account, click on the Sign In back button at the top of the box and then Cancel. Please note that if you didn't create an account, it will look like you haven't signed in, but you will have activated 30 days access to PressReader.

4. Click on Select Publication

After 30 days login again to reactivate your free access to PressReader - you will know when you need to do this as it will start asking you to pay for the newspapers. Click on Sign in again and repeat the logging in process.

NB. If you are in a library and connected to library WiFi you will automatically connect to a “HotSpot” so no need to sign in.

Choosing titles
1. Browse for publications by:

● Using the magnifying glass icon at the top right-hand corner to search for specific titles ● Selecting the genre buttons such as Newspapers, Magazines or United Kingdom. If you have selected the Newspaper or Magazine genre you can then use the Countries or Language option buttons to narrow your search ● Looking through the categories list  -  choose the News category to access newspapers or the other genres for magazines ● Selecting titles from the various featured titles such as Top Magazines or Recently Read 

2. Once you have found the publication that you want, click on the cover

Navigating the newspaper
1. Click down with the mouse and pull across the screen to the left to scroll through the publication

2. Clicking on the page will zoom you in (don’t click on an article title though). Then click down and drag the page to move you around

3. You may find it easier to read articles in text view rather than in newspaper layout. To do this click on the title of the article and it will open in text view

How to find back copies
To access the last three months of publications click on the current issue and then on the date button to the right of the publication title at the top of the screen. This will launch a calendar. Dates in black are available – click on them to open up

Creating collections
1. You can save articles to a collection by hovering over the article title and right-clicking with the mouse

2. Select the Save to Collection link. Either add it to a collection you have already created or click on Create New Collection and then Create

3. These can be retrieved by going to the main menu button and clicking on My Collections

To translate publications & articles
Hover over the article title and then right-click with the mouse. Choose Translate and select the language you’d like the article or publication translated into

To listen to publications
Hover over the article title and then right-click with the mouse. Choose Listen and use the play and pause buttons at the bottom of the screen to control play back. Click the Done button in top left-hand corner to go back to printed version of publication

You can print individual pages or selected areas. Hover over the article title and then right-click with the mouse. Choose Print and then one of the printing options and then click on the Print button



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