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RBdigital app

RBdigital app RBdigital app

Installing the app & creating a username and password

Install the RBdigital app from Apple App Store, Android Google Play Store or  (for Kindle Fire). Open the app and click on the Not a member? Register now link. 
1. At Choose Country click on Tap and Scroll and scroll down to select United Kingdom
2. Click on Choose Library and on Tap and Search. Begin typing in Edinburgh and then select Edinburgh City Libraries
3. Click on Create Account, fill out form details and click on Register

Checking out titles

1. From the home screen click on View All under the audiobook or magazine covers to see all titles available. Or to search audiobooks by Keyword, Genre, Availability or Audience click on the magnifying glass in the top right corner and then on Audiobooks. Magazines are arranged in alphabetical order.  Click on Checkout to borrow a title

2. If the audiobook is already on loan there will be the option to place a Hold instead. Once Hold is clicked, it will show you your place in the holds queue

3. When borrowing a magazine a message will appear giving you the option to have all future issues automatically checked out N.B. Auto-checkout is not available for a small number of titles due to licensing terms

4. Click Play (audiobooks) or Read (magazines) to start reading/listening immediately. If you don't want to read it immediately click on Download instead to add it to your device - it will display what percentage of the title has been downloaded or will say Downloaded when finished. To read/listen whilst not connected to the internet your title must be downloaded - you can check if a publication is fully downloaded by going to the main menu button  (top left-hand corner, 3 horizontal lines) and selecting Checked Out. The box underneath the audiobook or magazines cover will either say Download or Downloaded or percentage of title added.

Returning titles

Click on the main menu button and select Checked Out. Your checked-out magazines and audiobooks will be displayed. Click on the cross in the top right-hand corner to return them. You can keep magazines permanently, with no limit to the number you have. You may want to return them though to free up space on your device

Renewing audiobooks

Click on the main menu button and select Checked Out. Click on Renew to renew a title. If someone else has already reserved it, Renew may not be available and there will be Hold instead

Managing automatic downloads and email notifications for magazines
If you would like to alter the magazine titles that you receive email notifications about and the titles that get automatically checked out for you -

1. Go to and click on Login

2. Enter your RBdigital login detail and click on Login

3. Click on the icon to the right of your username (top right-hand side screen)

4. Choose My Preferences from the drop-down list

5. From this page you can specify what magazine titles you want automatically checked out and what titles you want to be emailed about when a new issue is available. Click the Update button at the bottom of the screen to save your changes

RBdigital help RBdigital help
Available on RBdigital app Available on RBdigital app