RBdigital magazines on computer


Go to RBdigital and create an account by clicking on Register 



Select & read your titles

1. Go to RBdigital click on Sign In and input your username and password

2. There are several ways to search for magazines:
• Browse through the A-Z listing on the magazine section of the homepage carousel • Click on the Search icon (magnifying glass), select to search Magazines and search using the Search box • To see full list of titles - click on +Explore

3. When you find a title you want, click on the cover, then click on Checkout.

4. A pop-up box will appear with Keep Browsing and Read Now buttons. Tick the "Automatically checkout the next issue" box  to have future issues automatically checked out. N.B. Auto-checkout is not available for a small number of titles due to licensing terms. Click on Keep Browsing to select additional magazines to add to your collection or on Read Now to immediately read the magazine in your browser

How to navigate 
Use the navigation arrows at the right and left of the magazine viewer to turn the pages. Click on the box icon at the left-hand side to show contents pages -  click on these to skip forward in the magazine

 Managing your magazine collection
Click on Checked Out from the main menu button (top left-hand side, 3 horizontal lines). Click on the cross on the top right-hand corner of the magazine cover. Select Ok to return the magazine

Managing automatic downloads and email notifications
If you would like to alter the titles that you receive email notifications about and the titles that get automatically checked out for you -

1. Go to  www.rbdigital.com/edinburgh/service/magazines and click on Login

2. Enter your RBdigital login detail and click on Login

3. Click on the icon to the right of your username (top right-hand side screen)

4. Choose My Preferences from the drop-down list

5. From this page you can specify what magazine titles you want automatically checked out and what titles you want to be emailed about when a new issue is available. Click the Update button at the bottom of the screen to save your changes

To read offline
If you wish to be able to read your magazines whilst not connected to the internet follow the instructions above on how to select and checkout your titles. Then do the following to download your magazines into a separate “reader” that will allow you to read whilst not connected to the internet –

1. Install Zinio Reader 5 software on your computer from

2. Once installed try logging in with your RBdigital login details

3. If your current login details don't work go back to www.zinio.com/desktop/reader and click on Log In (top right-hand corner) and then Create Your Account. Use the same details as your existing account to do this. Then login to Reader again

4. The magazines that you have checked out will appear in Reader. Hover over the magazine cover and you’ll see a download arrow – click on this to download the title. Once downloaded, again hover over the cover and click on the eye icon to read the magazine. Magazines must be downloaded to be able to read them offline


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RBdigital magazines on computer


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