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Tall Tales

Tall Tales - 50 years of highrise living Tall Tales - 50 years of highrise living

The Tall Tales leaflet commemorates 50 years of the six multi-story flats in Moredun and which been a part of the city’s ever changing visible and social landscape for 50 years.

Built in the 1960s, each of the blocks could be viewed as separate islands, with their own unique identities forming through time. Residents have come and gone, with new families and individuals shaping the evolution of the buildings’ identity over the years.

The City of Edinburgh Council commissioned the writer Helen Boden to engage with residents to gather reflections on what “High Flat” living means to them.  The questions of what constitutes a community, how can it improve, and what has been lost, were at the heart of this project. 

Working closely with the Council’s Family and Household Support Service and the Lifelong Learning Team, Helen Boden, the writer in residence, linked in with Goodtrees Neighbourhood Centre, Moredun Library, engaged social media and the local Residents’ Association to gather stories and insights, past and present.  Each of the 540 households within the blocks were contacted, with residents being invited to attend creative workshops where their experiences were shared, many of which are contained in the pages of the leaflet. 

Tall Tales leaflet Tall Tales leaflet