Finding & downloading books

1. Go to the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Android Play Store and search for uLIBRARY. Install the uLIBRARY app. NB. The Kindle Fire app doesn't work on some Kindle Fire devices due to Amazon omitting software from some models 

2. Click on Library Name and select Edinburgh Libraries. Enter your library card number (with uppercase letters), PIN and email address. Click on Sign In 

3. Click on the eAudiobooks button at the foot of the page

4. Search for titles by looking at the featured collections on the home page or using the Genre and Theme selections at the top of the screen. Browse through all titles by choosing the FICTION and NON-FICTION genres. Use the Search option at the bottom of the screen to look for specific authors or titles

5. Click on the book cover. Click Borrow to check it out and then Confirm

6. Click Listen to begin downloading the book and to immediately play

7. Locate your checked-out audiobooks at any point in My Account at the foot of the page

To return early
Click on My Account and click on Return. NB. The Return button only becomes active 24 hours after you borrow the book - if you click on it earlier you will get an error message

To renew
Click on My Account and on Extend. This option will appear six days before the book expires if it hasn’t been reserved by another reader



Not a member? Join online or visit your local library.

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