Whose Town?

Explore the past and explain the present with Whose Town?

Whose Town? was an award-winning and innovative resource for teaching Social Studies which launched in 2011. The resource is no longer available in its original format but the material has been made accessible to all via online exhibitions on Capital Collections and digital story trails on Our Town Stories.

By exploring the Whose Town? material you can discover the city's past through the lives of the people who lived there. We have used people who lived in Victorian times, at the beginning of the twentieth century, during the Second World War and in the Fifties to bring Edinburgh’s history to life.

Follow the stories of some of the lives on Our Town Stories

And explore online exhibitions dedicated to each life and the different eras on Capital Collections.

Victorian Edinburgh and the following lives:

Beginning of the 20th century and the following lives:

Edinburgh during the Second World War and the following lives

Edinburgh in the 1950s and the following lives



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